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Y2010 New Models displayed in 2010 China Sport Show

Most gyms are filled with various equipment which consumes plenty of electricity,especially treadmills. Generally speaking, the power consumption of a treadmill reaches to 1500W per hour which allows a refrigerator to run for three hours. In order to make fitness training more environmentally friendly, BH Fitness has successfully incorporated the GP Tech (Green Power Technology) into themotors of our treadmills allowing a more efficient use of energy than other treadmills on the market. Undoubtedly,for those who enjoy exercising and want to protect the earth, it is also a wise decision to choose self-powered BH fitness bikes, BH fitness recumbents and BH elliptical trainers with generators and BH spinning bikes as well.

BH has won the largest booth(600 square meters) of the China Sport Show for the last three years. This year,our customers from over 70 countries and the executives of BH subsidiaries from 5 continents visited this international exhibition. In the meantime, we honorably displayed numbers of Y2010 latest models which have been scheduled to sell by the end of this year.


                                                                  Y2010 Latest Home Use Treadmills
                                                                 Y2010 Latest Home Use Rowers
                                                          Y2010 Latest Home Use Elliptical Trainers  


                                             BH HIPOWER Commercial Use Treadmills with Touch Panels



                                                        BH HIPOWER Commercial Use Fitness Equipment



                                                               The Latest ProAction BH Treadmills



                                                                     BH Self-powered Fitness Bikes


 The Green Microgym in Portland Oregon, U.S.A innovated the green gym which uses unique facilities to generates 200 watts to 600 watts of energy an hour from the fitness equipment. That is, you can create electricity for lighting and music system and while you workout. Also, the gym is equipped with solar panels and other power-saving facilicities which help to conserve 30% electricity. The residents approve the green gym philosophy very much and it also sets a good example for other gyms. We do believe there will be also green gyms in Taiwan in the near future.

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