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Training on a BH treadmill at -20ºC

There are no limits for fitness fans, Julen Urdaibai and BH commercial treadmill are good examples of this. Have you ever heard about the Antarctic Ice Marathon? This competition is one of the most challenging marathons in the world.
Participants run at -20 ºC degrees, in one of the worst possible weather conditions. Julen Urdaibai has decided to take part in this challenge. BH has decided to support him with a commercial treadmill for their training and acclimatization before the race. A challenge of this magnitude need complete training and also quality and reliable equipment. He says that "the treadmill is giving me good results, despite the demanding conditions in which I have to train. I have not had any problems with the belt of the treadmill. "

Julen will run 143 kilometers, which represent a real challenge for anyone. It’s a complicated challenge and a hard training but Julen will not give up. He trains 2 days per week in the freezer between -18 to -20.5 ºC degrees, 2 days running in the mountain and 2 more doing mountain bike.

This Bermeo guy will face a challenge this November, but he is not going to be alone. BH will be supporting him. Julen, we are thinking in you!

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