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London 2012 Olympic champion, Nicola Spirig, sponsored by BH


Nicola Spirig: ‘Treadmill running is always part of my training’

The Olympic Champion and triathlete of BH Team, talks in this interview about her workout on BH fitness machines and the importance of this type of equipment for a triathlete. In addition, she reveals her plans for the future…

Do you train regularly with fitness machines?

Yes, I use the BH fitness machines regularly, especially treadmill and vibra plate.

When do you use them more frequently?
I use the treadmill all year round, but maybe a bit more in winter when it’s cold outside in Switzerland and the risk of injury is smaller running on the treadmill than outside. I use the vibra plate to relay my muscles, so I use it more when I have done some very hard training sessions.

What decided you to use fitness machines to prepare for triathlon races?

My coach has always liked to work with treadmills, so it was included in the training. When I got the vibra plate, I tried it out and I realized that my muscles were much less sore after hard, intense sessions if I relaxed them with the vibra plate afterwards.

Do you think they make an efficient complement to training?

Definitely, I really like to train with the fitness machines. I bring new impulses.

Are they a basic tool for triathletes? What are their advantages? What fitness machines can help you tone up the muscles involved in each triathlon segment – swimming, biking and running?

You can build up the training differently, and so for some triathletes they are basic tools, for others they aren’t. For triathletes that are prone to run injuries I would very much advice to include treadmill running into the training, as once you get used to it, it’s less hard on the legs.


How do you plan your training routine with these machines? How often do you use them? What is your training program like?
My program changes every day, I don’t have a set plan, my coach and me change the sessions depending on a lot of parameters, my fitness, how I feel, what races are coming up, where I am training and so on. Therefore I can’t give you a training program or training routine. However treadmill running is included in every stage of training.


What can you tell us about the performance of BH treadmill and the vibration plate?
They are both very helpful to me as I already explained above. I use them often and have a lot of benefit out of them. On treadmills, you need to run a certain set pace, you can chose the pace but once you set it up, your body has to follow that pace. This is different to running outside where keeping up a pace is more difficult. I like that aspect on a treadmill.


What are the benefits you get from training with fitness machines?
Already mentioned that above, treadmill running is less stress for my legs and so prevents injuries, I can run a set pace over long time, I can avoid running outside in the cold. The vibration place helps me relax and therefore I am able to train more.


Have you already recovered from the Olympic ‘aftermath’ (tributes, interviews, etc.)? How are you facing the season after? What could you dream about after making an athlete’s greatest dream come true? Have you been thinking about the upcoming season?

There are still a lot of interviews, autograph hours, speeches and many other appointments I have to attend. Switzerland only has had four women ever who won Olympic gold at summer Olympics! So it is something very special. I certainly have fulfilled myself a big dream in becoming Olympic Champion. I still have new goals, like maybe going to long distance at some stage and try Ironman, or concentrate more on running and compete in the athletics European Championships 2014 in Switzerland. And in 2016, I could defend my Olympic title, who knows…
Congratulations, Nicola!

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